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Summertz - Bra Cotton Lightly Padded (Nude) 40F to 44F 
Summertz - Bra Cotton Lightly Padded (Nude) 40F to 44F
Available Options:

New and enhanced version of our ever green Summertz Nursing Maternity bra . Summertz is now padded for better comfort,better protection (no more worries of nipples showing,especially after nursing),better fit and better value for money!

As all our nursing bras, Summertz has a convenient hook for quick and easy nursing access. It features 3 positions back and adjustable shoulder straps for better support, comfort and fit. It features a more discreet 'window' opening, unlike our other mostly full drop cup bras, for that extra bit of privacy when breastfeeding in public.

Made from high quality completely breathable cotton spandex material.

Look at the youthful print, it's something different for your nursing wardrobe! It's thoughtfully designed by moms for moms.

Sizes: 40F, 42D, 42E, 44E, 44F

Sizing Guide:


* Measure around your ribcage, directly under the bust

For an even number, add 4 to gain your band size. (e.g. measurement = 32 + 4 = band size 36) For an odd number, add 5 to find your band size. (e.g. measurement of 33 + 5 = band size 38)


* Measure completely around the bust at the fullest point

* Each inch of difference between this measurement and your BAND size = cup size.(i.e.: If your band size is 34" and your bust measurement is 36", you wear a "B" cup.)

Please refer to below:

Up to 1" larger: A

Up to 2" larger: B

Up to 3" larger: C

Up to 4" larger: D

Up to 5" larger: DD

Return & exchange are allowed only for items with manufacturing defect. The following guidelines apply:

1. Retailers have to check to confirm that there is manufacturing defect on the item

2. Notify us via email at of such defect.

3. We will get in touch with you once we receive your email of such defect and will guide you on the next course of action.

4. For electrical items, you will need to send it back to us for testing at your own cost. After testing, if it is confirmed that the item is defective and cannot be repaired, we will send a new replacement to you. If item is tested and no fault can be detected, we will return the item back to you. You can also request that the customer contact us directly if the item is still under the warranty period.

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